Dongzheng Chem supply trivalent chromate from China: Chromium Nitrate,Chromium Acetate,Chromium Chloride,Chromium formate etc. trivalent chromium products
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Shaanxi Shangnan Dongzheng Chemical Co., Ltd.

Add:Shangnan County, Shangluo City,Shaanxi Province, China.


Shaanxi Shangnan Dongzheng Chemical Co.,Ltd. is an ISO certified factory of chromium chloride, chromium nitrate, chromium acetate, chromic acid, chromium formate etc chromium chemicals in Shaanxi Province ,China.We have been in chromium chemical industry for nearly 30 years and now are selling worldwide.

Our products are widely used in stainless steel manufacturing, metal surface treatment, textile printing and dyeing, oil exploitation, building ceramics, pharmaceutical intermediates, high-end feed, special refractory, wood anti-corrosion Optoelectronic materials, liquid crystal coating, electronic shell, high wear-resistant coating of mobile phone shell, automobile refrigerant catalyst and other industries are important basic raw materials for national economic production.  They are sold well both home and abroad.


With a registered capital of 15 million yuan and 210 employees, the enterprise has a scientific management system and advanced inspection technology. The company passed the quality management system certification as early as 2003 and has maintained it so far; In 2010, it passed the review and acceptance of safety standardization and reached the level III enterprise of safety standardization; In 2012, it passed the cleaner production audit and acceptance and reached the cleaner production enterprise.

In recent years, our company has been continuously deepening reform, promoting cleaner production, establishing the concept of paying equal attention to economic and environmental benefits, adhering to scientific development, paying attention to talent training and taking the road of sustainable development. the management level and economic benefits of our company are improving year by year. We are committed to building an internationally renowned, industry-leading, scientific, technological and environmental friendly chemical enterprise.